When implementing the Google Tag Manager Tracking ENTERPRISE in conjunction with the Plentymarkets Ceres own Consent Tool, we noticed a pitfall in the implementation, in which almost all new website visitors lacked source/medium information in Google Analytics.

25% (direct) / (none) traffic at Google Analytics is a sure indication that a large segment is simply not being captured correctly.

The reading of the Consent information is stored in the cookie “plenty-shop-cookie”. However, this new information of the Consent gift is no longer automatically transmitted to the Google Tag Manager during this page view and so it does not come through a new read of the Consent information. Here is the (faulty) process:

  1. User comes to the page, no pixel fires.
  2. User gives Consent, nothing happens.
  3. User clicks on page 2 of his Jorney, which fires pixels, but the information from which referrer he comes has already disappeared.

But the actual process should be:

  1. User comes back to the site, no pixel fires
  2. User gives Consent, another event (consent_changed) takes place
  3. consent_changed then triggers the corresponding pixels in accordance with the user’s consent, together with a re-reading of the cookie.

Here is the necessary Javascript to fix the Plentymarkets Consent error here.

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The timeout is necessary to give the save click the necessary time to set the cookie so that it can be read again.

The script is stored as html tag and executed when clicking on the “Save” or “All Accept” button. So if the user changes his or her opinion, we will receive the click, reread the cookie and, if necessary, execute the scripts.

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