Get the location of an ‘add_to_cart ‘ event in BigQuery.

For shop operators it is interesting where the user adds his products to the shopping cart. Does this happen on the search results page, in a category or in the classic product detail?

With good Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data and BigQuery connectivity, this is easy to determine.


  1. The event ‘add_to_cart’ must be captured in GA4.
  2. A ‘page_type’ is assigned to the event (or this can be identified differently, e.g. via the URL).
  3. The GA4 data is streamed to BigQuery.

Code in BigQuery

The procedure is simple:

  1. GA4 Query data
  2. extract the event values with UNNEST(event_params )
  3. to the ‘add_toCart’ event.
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The result is a 2-column table with event_date and add_to_cart_location with the values (search_result, product, category …)

Display data in Google Datastudio.

We change the prescribed code so that event_date can be used as a date selector in Google Datastudio.

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Decisive here is the line:

AND _table_suffix between @DS_START_DATE and @DS_END_DATE
Which narrows the date range.

The result of the query can then be displayed in Google Datastudio with a pie chart.