AdWords accounts with a BROAD MATCH / EXACT MATCH bidding strategy can be very labor intensive. Besides the normal work on an AdWords campaign, new, EXACT Match keywords have to be excluded from the BROAD Match campaign. A hard work, which is rewarded with better CPC’s, because it doesn’t compete on its own. In order to reduce this work to a minimum, we have developed a script that does this work.

The script checks campaigns with [Campaign Label], collects all keywords of the ad group(s) with the [Source Label] and adds them as negative keywords in the ad group with [Target Label]. This deletes all existing negative keywords at ad group level. 

Setup of the Auto Exclude AdWords Scripts

  1. Script in the MCC level.
  2. Open Google Docs Spreadsheet.
  3. copy spread sheet id into the script.
  4. Script Authorize.
  5. prefillSpreadsheet to “true”, save and run preview.
  6. Label Assign names for Campaign Label, Source Label (Exact Match ad group(s)) and Target Label (Broad Match ad group(s)) in spreadsheet.
  7. Assign appropriate labels to Kamapgnen and AdGroups.
  8. “Preview”
  9. If the test is satisfactory, run script and set to daily execution.

Comments / Limitations / Notes

  • The current version is script tested at MCC level only.
  • The script is strongly inspired by this DSA Script. The original script also runs at account level.
  • The current version has not been tested for fault tolerance. Please comment bugs in this post.
  • A further development for further requirements is gladly possible. Please comment!


V 0.01 added (tests only on MCC level)