You want Matomo conversions imported into Google Ads to serve as a basis for smart bidding?
Read on! We have a solution.

If you already use Matomo in your company and use this for conversion measurement, you probably have the problem that you measure conversions with Google Analytics or Google Ads to provide data to smart bidding in Google Ads.

We have developed a solution that will remedy this situation. With the Matomo Google Ads Conversion Importer, you are able to import conversions from Matomo directly to Google Ads and use them for smart bidding.

By an automated report from Matomo and the subsequent upload of your conversions data to Google Ads, you are able to track e-commerce conversions without the Google Ads Conversion Pixel. The data of Google Analytics or Google Ads can be replaced by the conversion tracking of Matomo. It is even possible to make your own touchpoint attribution.

This solution covers the allocation of conversion number and conversion value to a specific Google Click ID. The functionality of remarketing lists must still be provided by Google Analytics.

With a specific setup of Matomo, it is also possible to hide the tracking from the client almost completely. Of course, the usual data protection laws must nevertheless be complied with.

Here is an overview of which data can be transferred:

  Matomo Google Analytics Google Ads Pixel
Conversions Yes Yes Yes
Remarketing No Yes Yes

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